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COVID-19 Training

Here we have summarized the most important points for you.

What is this about?

This page contains all resources concerning the training during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All concepts and plans used during this time are published on this page.

Academy Guidelines (Schutzkonzept) from 17.02.2022

Our Academy Guidelines to protect everyone from COVID-19.

Guidelines to participate in training:

We ask all current members or persons potentially participating in trial lessons not to train if any of the following points apply (regardless of vaccination status):

  • After a Coronavirus test with a positive result or while waiting for results of a Coronavirus test

  • If you show cold or flu symptoms 

In addition, all COVID- and quarantine rules of the Federal Government must be followed: Isolation and quarantine (

We also continue to recommend everyone to get fully vaccinated.

Organizational guidelines before and after training:

  • Washing/disinfecting hands  and measuring body temperature upon entry is mandatory for everyone. Members with elevated temperature must leave the Academy immediately.

  • All Academy windows must be opened before and after training for 5 minutes, or the windows and doors are to be left open during training, weather permitting

  • The mats are to be cleaned/disinfected after every training

If you have any questions, please contact us before coming to the Academy. We will gladly answer them. Everyone's health remains our first priority.

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